Faith Klein
Equipping Women with the Word!
My passion is equipping women to embrace the unexpected chapters of life with grace and truth.
I come alongside and encourage women to embrace the unexpected chapters in life by providing practical tools and words of wisdom from God's Word. And I would love the opportunity to invest in you!  
Has life turned out differently than you hoped, dreamed or imagined?  

Are you struggling to find joy in your own life?  

Do you find yourself wishing you had someone else's story?


For many of us, the distance between our fairy tale dreams and the reality that is our life's story is a chasm so wide that it can be disheartening.  

I have been there.  I have experienced the heartache of life, and have seen the peace, the joy and the grace that Jesus has to offer when life's story is difficult to bear.  

I now have a 3-day mini-devotional to get you on the right track to embracing your story and finding hope and healing from the difficult chapters in life.  

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My passion is educating and equipping women so that they can navigate the unexpected chapters of life with courage, hope and integrity.  I am living out my God-given passion in a few different ways...

First of all, I love encouraging women face-to-face as a keynote speaker at women's ministry events.  I cut through the fluff and we dig deep into God's Word as it pertains to the messier parts of our lives.   Email me at for more info!

Secondly, I love equipping women weekly through my blog.  Each week we explore ways to handle the unexpected chapters of life with grace and truth. You can check out my newest blog here:

Thirdly, I love going deeper with the amazing women in my community through my devotionals.  When you walk through my devotional you get direct access to me!  I teach through videos, emails and connecting in our member's only community!   Check out all the details here: Loving? My Life All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions
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